We got to speak with Dylan Wickwire from Iowa’s project Bulwark!

MPM: First off, how are you doing today? Those unaware of who you are could you introduce yourself and your contributions?

B: I’m doing good man, had an easy day at work and now I’m just chillin’ and gamin’ with friends! My name is Dylan, I’m Bulwark!

MPM: Bulwark is a one person project and you handle everything from lyrics, music, mixing, mastering and many more. What inspired you to go solo rather than having members?

B: Originally it had some guitar work from the other guitarist of my main project (xHRVSTRx) but after all of the dumb things he did which lead to him being kicked out of xHRVSTRx so we originally released it as a demo which can still be found on Bandcamp but I don’t advise it because it’s not good. Anyways, even had he not been kicked out I was planning on going solo with it basically because I was the only one who plays this game so it was only logical.

MPM: The band name is taken from the video Hunt: Showdown. is there a story behind the name Bulwark and how that came about?

B: So, Bulwark is a perk from the game such as many of the song titles (bloodless, hornskin, ect.) Bulwark was easily the hardest name of them all.

MPM: Who were your biggest inspirations in wanting to start a extreme metal project?

B: My inspiration basically was playing this mega violent game and wanting people to have a much more angry soundtrack to vibe with.

MPM: When learning music were you self-taught by ear or took music lessons and improved from there on?

B: I don’t have any idea what I’m doing honestly, basically just mess around until I write something I feel sounds “cool”

MPM: Hunt: Slamdown Reloaded is your first official release and has 9 tracks overall. Was the writing process little difficult for you in wanting to make this album or was it a easier approach for you knowing you handle the record yourself?

B: It was actually pretty awesome! the demo was recorded live on stream and was very fluid. The last 2 tracks (banished and Resilience) were done later when I decided I wanted it to be more or less a full length, As a person I’m mega driven and work very fast and loose, Which leads to a lot of very strange choices that usually work out.

MPM: What songs off the album would you consider to be favorites in terms of musical growth, progression and lyrical content?

B: For me, the song Banished is literally the best song I’ve written this far in all of my music. It’s just got a pretty cool FFAA vibe in the “chorus” and I think It’s really driving. Also, I added in some clean vocals which i’ve never done so it feels good to just try new things.

MPM: Musically when I heard several tracks off the record I get a mix bag of death metal, deathcore, grindcore and slam in which I think the elements you’ve incorporated to the album is nicely done. Would we expect more of this for future Bulwark material?

B: Yes and no, basically I don’t have a plan instrumentally for the next album but I do expect there to be heavy heavy and some clean stuff as well as well as more cohesive song structures!

MPM: Since shows are making a comeback, are there any festivities or concerts you’re looking forward to or any in that regard?

B: Basically, just any and all local shows in the Des Moines area that I’m able to make it to. I don’t really have any plans for bigger shows at the moment.

MPM: If music wasn’t your occupation, what would you do in your lifetime?

B: I’d love for music to be my job honestly but I’ll probably continue to be a mailman until forever unless by some stroke of luck I can make something bigger with my music. That’s the dream

MPM: Are there any particular hobbies you enjoy doing that many people don’t know about you?

B: Well by now it’s a side hustle of mine but Hydro dipping cassette tapes. It’s just super relaxing and unique.

MPM: What would you say about the current era of extreme metal is today than it was a decade or two so?

B: I honestly cannot comment on it, As someone who’s been into extreme metal for a little over 10 years, I still don’t find myself listening to that style of music as much as it seems, I’m more into Rap/hip-hop and RnB lately. I do agree the production value has become better though as I’m not a huge myspace era fan.

MPM: Do you prefer owning physical medias of CD’s, LP’s and cassette tapes or digital downloading/ streaming when you want to directly support the artists?

B: I will always prefer physical media over digital but for ease of use I use Spotify while at work or stream on twitch. I’m always listening to something no matter what unless I’m asleep.

MPM: Before we wrap up this interview I want to thank you for your time in doing this. Are there any last words you like to add or promote future material for Bulwark?

B: No, thank you for your time man it means a lot! I don’t think I have anything more to add other than Thank you for checking out the album even if you don’t know the game I hope there’s some good parts you can take away from it!




Interview by Jake Butler


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