ARCHGOAT – The Luciferian Crown

Finnish extreme metal band Archgoat have been making blackened death metal for nearly 30 years while members Ritual Butcherer and Lord Angelslayer are the masterminds behind the desecration of creating bestial music for long as they been around in the band’s existence. Coming up after a three year gap prior to 2015’s outstanding effort of The Apocalyptic Triumphator, The Luciferian Crown takes a much more cleaner, darker and polished sound that fans come to love and expect from these crafted musicians. Their ability as a 3 piece lineup is truly amazing and this marks the first Archgoat record to add a additional keyboardist samplers to provide a much more misanthropic atmosphere.

The musicianship and compositions is still the same Archgoat signature stenches while they’ve managed to incorporate some elements not familiar with past albums. Atmospherically, lyrically, and progressively speaking, the dynamics on The Luciferian Crown takes its toll to add bit more versatile due to these elements being added, such as the synthesized choirs and electronic background samples. One of the most highlighted moments upon hearing this album is how matured Archgoat has grown since their unhallowed resurrection from the black abyss.

With songs such as Messiah Of Pigs, The Luciferian Crown (Venom of God), Jesus Christ Father of Lies and my personal favorite track being Jezebel’s Black Mass Orgy are heavily influenced by the band’s passion for occultism and satanic themed lyricism are absolutely top notch. Vocals performed by Lord Angelslayer is very well known for his simplistic, bestial and cunningly morbid screechs that’ll drain every human life to create a blood soaking listening experience. Drum wise, Goat Aggressor shows that he is capable of playing the traditional Archgoat way. While The Luciferian Crown may have its flaws, this is Archgoat doing what they’ve done best for almost 30 years creating a darkened vision to portray the most aggressive pieces of music to date.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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