WRETCHED TONGUES – Ulter Praefinitum

Deathcore has its ups and downs over the last couple of years but there’s always a way for making such impacted and executed styles of music that is heavy, chaotic and accessible. Meet Wretched Tongues, a upcoming deathcore band residing from Manchester, New Hampshire that is about to release their debut full-length Ulter Praefinitum and is through Vicious Instinct Records. Musically, if you were to tell me the description and soundscapes this band is all about, then I can safely say that if you like Carnifex, Thy Art Is Murder and Despised Icon but in a much more technical, sadistic and pleasurable style of deathcore, chances are you’ll either like it or you may adjust time to feel your needs and listen to this monstrosity of a record because I can definitely apprehend myself that this is by far, my favorite deathcore album of 2022.

Everything is punishing, slamming, atmospheric at times and the amount of detail and consistency these members have created their heart and soul into making music that is gut-wretchingly heavy and explosive surely have met my expectations throughout the entirety of this scorching, yet careless carnage of a album that are on their way to make a name for themselves in the upcoming years of underground extreme music. The tormented cries and destructive leads of eviscerating guitars and drums really are such a huge, unstoppable force that make no exception as everything about this album is full of accessibility and experimentation since I feel this album does showcase a lot of compassion well as the craftsmanship is simply amazing since the instrumental leads is perfectly audible and the progressiveness onto the later half of Ulter Praefinitum is perhaps one of my biggest highlights that I like to give a standing ovation for Wretched Tongues’ admiration making the music at a catastrophic state.

Songs like The Gates Of Oblivion, Brain Itch and the opener of Pendulum Of Existence showcases the band’s influences on having technical, progressive and even some slam oriented arrangements really did a fine job keeping every instrument audible and presented since I do feel that upon listening to the record I noticed there’s some All Shall Perish style vocal work in which the screams, lows and gutturals give it that old school MySpace deathcore era sort of sound but they’ve in today’s modern production. Ulter Praefinitum is one of deathcore’s most bone-crushing, punishing and heaviest, well as creative records in the genre and I cannot recommend this enough if you’re fans of deathcore and extreme metal altogether.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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