NIGHTBRINGER – Terra Damnata

Nightbringer are an American Black Metal band formed in 1999 from Green Mountain Falls, Colorado and play a style of chaotic, mystical, philosophic, esoteric, literature and intelligent sculptures of Black Metal. With the newest album through Season of Mist titled Terra Damnata, this new evolution of Nightbringer captures the most bloody brilliant, assaulted, aural journeys due to date. Their destructive, mimicking and imaginative musical sounds bring out a apocalyptic, demonic and sculptured compositions are one of my absolute favorite highlights upon hearing the album. What’s impressive about Terra Damnata is not only the musicality Is deeper, stronger, atmospheric and statistically infused of darkest fuses, but the finest selection and exceptions for comprehensible deceptions Terra Damnata incorporates is perhaps the highlight beginning to end.

Musically, lyrically, atmospherically and sympathetically speaking from a technical musical standpoint, the members from Nightbringer contributed landscapes of sophisticated, isolated and displays the everlasting lapped passages which the songs ultizies a foundation so hammering and ministering, the signatures are polished, well crafted and created torturous cries of a world that’s brooding, harsh, disjointed and laying underneath catastrophic arrangements that makes the listener’s journey a messed up universe picturing a demonstrated, hollowed and easing existences which therefore penetrates a introduction of softness, minimalist and materialized atmospheres are without question the most enjoyable experiences of a Black Metal album Of 2017. Let Silence Be His Sacred Name, Serpent Sun, As Wolves Amongst Ruins and Of the Key and Crossed Bones for instance continues to emergence and engage commencing and commanding ritualistic choruses that brings out the most ruthless, weightless and spoken words are giving chills of sacred forgotten tombs are examples that Black Metal can not over-relay on such forgettable instrumentation but Terra Damnata by Nightbringer is no questions ask the best Black Metal album Of 2017. If you’re fans of the last albums, Terra Damnata is a album you will get nightmares, frightening voices and musical compositions so levitating your ears will be haunted by the hour.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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