TEXAS MURDER CREW – Wrapped In Their Blood

If the stars are at night and bigger and bright, deep in the heart of Texas lies a band known as Texas Murder Crew and their 2022 Comatose Music full-length recording of Wrapped In Their Blood. This band is heavily inspired in combining elements of both traditional and brutal death metal in which their music and soundscapes is so incredibly gory that for a release like this coming from a underground band like these guys for instance you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting if brutal death metal is your specialty.

From cauldron drums, bludgeoning and striking guitar melodies, audible bass tones and vocals thudding against all flesh and blood from the innocence of individuals, the musicianship and consistency of these tracks really did a splendid job to balance out technical proficiencies and groovy sections making these songs balance out the dehumanizing and dismantling compositions really makes the listener feel the aftermath of apocalyptic storms just destroying everything in it’s path.

These delicious scents of entrails and relentless slamming brutality just crushes you with such intensity and weaving the most uncomfortable, yet unsettling atmosphere these tracks deliver such as Apocalyptic Embludgeonment, Nocturne of Evisceration, and Ritual Disfigurement not only has extreme savagery, subtle touches of synthesizer arrangements and immersive, yet horrifying passages creates such a warped imagination and twisted creativity that’ll certainly unleash hellfire and brimstone to make Wrapped In Their Blood the most simple, crawling malicious records of 2022. Fans of Cannibal Corpse, Kill Everything, Ingested and Devourment should definitely check this out.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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