VIRULENT DEPRAVITY – Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree

Virulent Depravity are an American Technical Death Metal band formed in 2015 from Nashville, Tennessee and have made their debut full-length titled Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree released on April 7th, 2017 through The Artisan Era. The album consists of 10 tracks and clocks in around 52:00 and with Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree, this album brought many levels of technicality, experience seasonings of devastating instrumentals and songwriting is jammed full of intelligence written all over it. While displaying their inspiration for extreme music, this three piece band contributes challenged guitar melodies, progressive chord progressions, drenched patterns of organic drum fills and dive-bombing vocal deliverance bring out a innovative and presented landscapes makes The album truly worth listening to. When you hear tracks including Spineless Obedience, Crushed by Futuristic Filth, Serpentine Messiah and Desecrating Eden, these songs have done such a remarkable job keeping the balanced compositions steady and authentic making it truly a blistering album start to finish.

Perhaps one of my biggest highlights upon hearing the album in it’s entirety is the ferocious speed-drenched patterns shifting effortlessly from thrashing progressive chords, technical rhythms, aggressive blast beats, introspective and relaxed tempo sections and frantic and creative structures makes Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree a work of art. There’s been great Technical Death Metal releases of 2017 but when you hear Virulent Depravity’s debut full-length Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree, you’ll be in the ride of a lifetime to hear such appreciative and gifted musical creativity. Fans of Technical Death Metal will not only be surprised to hear something naturalistic but the album is very well established and the members from Virulent Depravity have made a astonishing debut full-length showcasing maturity, devoted musical compositions and compassionate chemistry makes the album very well worth hearing.

Overall score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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