BLACK OATH – Emeth Truth And Death

The Italian metal scene over the last two decades has never felt so healthy and hard-hitting as ever before with many bands are paving the way to make every establishment and contributing acts be where it is today. Meet Black Oath, a new discovery I’ve found after wanting to check out new music and instantly right off the bat, these guys from Italy have really submerged and created pieces of music that’s dark, depressive at times and melancholic. Musically, their style of doom metal is very esoteric, atmospheric and tuneful in which the songs are packed with catchy hooks, great melodic passageways and the soundscapes are filled with such anguish as it takes the listener into a explorative universe making your soul hollowed and emptied.

Not only the music these Italians created is full of emotion and detail, but these tracks really gives it that unsettling and monstrous atmosphere using these marvelous doom metal compositions while incorporating many different structures which it gives something different and comfortable all around the same time without losing their core. Some songs like Death Haze, Children Of Babalon and Wounded Temple does seem to have some heavy metal tendencies in which reminded me of early Candlemass mixed with Crypt Sermon and Solitude Aeturnus due to the distorted guitars melody- centric arrangements while still maintaining the overall heaviness uncomfortable vibes making this album very diverse and experimental. Not only has Emeth Truth And Death by Black Oath established themselves in the underground world but they are certainly on their way to make a name for themselves in the upcoming years.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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