United Kingdom’s death doom metal crafters Consecration welcomes you to their forbidden doors and have unleashed their latest offering Cinis which is released through the amazing label of Redefining Darkness Records. To describe their sound is taking wide ranges of death metal but also incorporate doom melodies and structures making this record melancholic, comfortable and engaging all the same time as this is like a combination of early Paradise Lost, the gothic like arrangements of My Dying Bride, Anathema and Cathedral. Stylistically speaking, this album is full of imaginative ideas and wonders as these members are well aware of what they’re fully capable of in terms of structure, style, experimentation and atmosphere.

These soundscapes and passages really makes the listener shiver down their spines as the instrumentals and deliverance alongside the tonality on the album is portrayed very well since every song represents a different character in terms of lyrics, progressiveness and maturity. I will say listening to this album not only is fresh and naturalistic sounding but I noticed they’ve added some unique components within the compositional work in having these frantic, despairing and murky painted sculptures does make you feel hopeless. Songs like These Fleeting Memories, The Dweller In The Tumulus and The Charnel House almost has a funeral doom approach as these tracks feel cemented in place making sure every track feels rotting, decaying and the agonies of destruction and ruin does make you wonder how you’ll be able to escape from this irresistible force. I have not only appreciate the dynamics and quality Cinis brought to the extreme metal world but if you’re fans of Hooded Menance, Disembowelment or death doom in general I wouldn’t pass this up.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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