CREEPING FEAR – Hategod Triumph

What do you get if Aborted, Hate Eternal, Angelcorpse and Immolation suddenly joined forces to unleash hellfire and brimstone style of death metal? You get France’s Creeping Fear and with 2021’s Hategod Triumph released on Dolorem Records this is definitely the most exciting and fulfilling listens that I can remember by. This record takes the element of surprise incorporating death metal and almost blackened style passages with an improvised, destructive and slaughtered style for the band’s heaviest material to date. After giving the album couple of listens this is by far the band’s most crafted and symbolic albums they’ve done.

From the old school death metal sounding atmosphere, to the more faithful, wild, personal and wonderfully made songwriting, they’ve established themselves to not only bring adrenaline and whirlwinds of blasphemous aggression but the amounts of brutality displayed is indeed a enjoyable experience. Hate Crush Consume for example introduces drum beats, blazing intensity and the vocal work demonstrated provides variety with a bit of nice melodies to keep the album a fresh intake to the album’s opening door.

Perhaps the best songs being Summoned in Hellfire’s Blood, From Wombs to Battlefield and Wearing the Skin of the Wicked bring out a Dying Fetus influence adding a range of pummeling instrumentals, straight forward aggressive compositions and the setting itself does maintain a diversity to the music. Lyrically and musically they’ve outdone themselves to not only deliver such pure bliss to offer creative uniqueness to the album’s progression but this is a album that can be heard couple times to get a feeling where this band is going with the style they’ve created. Hategod Triumph marked a new chapter and have emerged themselves to demonstrate that death metal and deathcore hold enough originality and presentation to keep listeners engaged.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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