ALTARS – Ascetic Reflection

Everlasting Spew Records are one of my favorites in the extreme metal world with so many heavyweights coming from that label. And this time around, Altars are a Australian power-trio band that will not only transcend and transform into making such impeccable music, but this band definitely deserves your immediate attention and direct support. Ascetic Reflection is a hybridization of self reflective, oppressive and parallel style of death metal that is full of resurrection, power, detail and a possible cult classic for the modern-day era of death metal.

Stylistically speaking, Altars reminded me of a cross combination between Portal, Ulcerate, Dead Congregation and early Gorguts with heavy emphasis of dissonance, progressiveness and atmosphere making these songs feel arcane and lifeless to make the listener be strapped into their wilderness. Compositional wise, the guitars, bass, drums and vocal deliveries alongside the pristine production sounds immaculate and expansive while the members contributed themselves in participating to play their respected instruments equally giving every sound and melody to be as diverse as ever before.

These tracks are also very well complimented and deeply connected as the connections within the structures and melodies are harmonized to absolute perfection as songs like Opening The Passage, Luminous Jar and Black Light Upon Us which mirrors itself by the mortal burdens giving every soundscape and passages to bring out the best of both worlds and have marked a new evolution for Altars. Ascetic Reflection lived up my expectations and I hope it does for everyone else for those who are fans of modern death metal.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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