AVANTASIA Release New Single

Today is an exciting day as Avantasia herald a new age in the fantastic, ever-expanding universe of Avantasia with “The Wicked Rule The Night” single. After almost three years of hibernation, mastermind Tobias Sammet and his outstanding all-star formation inspire us with an epic full-throttle track, in which the master himself presents his absolute world-class vocal form alongside guest vocalist Ralf Scheepers. The song, which gives a first impression of the band’s ninth album A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society to be released in autumn, comes with a lavishly animated lyric video, for which Costin Chioreanu is responsible.

Tobias Sammet commented:

“I’m so happy with the upcoming album that you could put out any song as the first single. But somehow, after the last two years, I felt the need to go full steam ahead as soon as I’m let off the leash. And honestly, it’s also cool to know that many would probably have expected a less extreme track to accompany Avantasia’s re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. But Avantasia is not stylistically fixed, anything goes, commercial, epic, grotesque or full steam ahead, doesn’t matter: All of it is part of Avantasia’s very own world. We have found our own pigeonhole and different laws apply there. Longtime fans know that. And so I have the feeling that “The Wicked Rule The Night” is unpredictable, exciting, fresh and new, despite my trademarks, as you know them from Avantasia or Edguy. Playing it safe is a lot of hogwash.”



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