IATT – Magnum Opus

Residing from brotherly love in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comes IATT, a extreme metal band who’s style is catapulted into the deepest, darkest and most diverse sounding albums that I’ve listened to throughout 2022. Magnum Opus is the latest chapter by these Pennsylvanians and musically speaking, talk about a huge leaps and bounds in terms of structure, craftsmanship and delivering qualities over qualities, this album showcases a brand new chapter into the band’s catalog making Magnum Opus such a exhilarating, experimented and soul-crushing album that’ll leave you speechless front to back.

Their style of extreme metal is written all over the place with wide varieties being heavily borrowed whether it be the astonishing leads of Prima Materia, Seven Wandering Stars and Ouroboros to the authentically balanced Elixir Of Immortality, this band incorporates elements of melodic, blackened, death and progressive black metal undertones in which these songs are submerged, atmospheric at times and the melancholic passages alongside the beautifully crafted soundscapes really sets the album’s moodiness to perfectly capture the emotional thoughts and feelings.

This was a band at a time I had no idea who they were but after giving this consecutive listens and revisiting their other albums in full, Magnum Opus is worth every penny of hearing such exciting and accessible leads of eviscerating and well crafted pieces of extreme metal. Heck, this album showcases a lot of maturity and the members have definitely paid close attention to every detail and creative patterns making Magnum Opus IATT’s finest achievement to date. If you’re looking for a album that has character, ambition and bravery, Magnum Opus is worth checking out and my opinion, one of the most standout albums of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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