CYSTECTOMY – Deprive To Hollowness

I be damned if the brutal death metal scene keeps continuing to release quality albums after another I’ll be in a coma bigtime. Needlessly to say, Cystetcomy are a intentional based brutal death metal band that is basically a lovechild if Aborted, Wormed, Devourment, Ingested and Internal Suffering were to create this slamming, technical, brutal and grotesque style of brutal death metal with slam influences in the mix, this debut full-length album Deprive To Hollowness is exactly what the album speaks for itself. Released on Comatose Music, Deprive To Hollowness has been perfectly described as bloody, bone-chilling, shattering and punishing which is exactly the true definition of Cystectomy’s music since the sound is full of headbanging wonders and amazing qualities that this three piece band are understanding and commanding such full fronted assaults making the songs feel imperious in its course and I definitely want to add that the craftsmanship, compositional work and musicianship on the record is absolutely top notch making every instrument feel balanced and toned without losing its sense of purpose.

Musically speaking, this is brutal death metal as it should be and by that terminology I do mean every single track on this album has meaning and the structures, arrangements and production on here sounds raw, groovy and very catchy as the guitars bring out a chaotic, apocalyptic and frantic signature sound while the drums are blisteringly heavy with relentless blast beats, snare tones and melodies sounding crystal clear to hear every drum fills have a nice change of pace all around. Vocally, I get a lot of the early to mid 2000’s styled of brutal death metal where I feel songs such as Reincarnation and Psychic Boundary almost felt listening to a Mortal Decay styled song as the guttural lows, pitched screams and soundscapes are barricaded to the max to make sure everything feels at its place appropriately as it belongs.

The most highlighted feature in my personal opinion on this album in particular is the songwriting, which I knowing brutal death metal and the history of the genre, it relies on the typical gory, bloody, sex themed lyricism themes but I feel Cystectomy’s imagery on this album is a little different than most bands I’ve covered on Metal Purgatory Media. Take the song Past Life Amnesia for instance, I feel this is one of the most well crafted and signature tracks on the album as I felt the deepest penetration on hearing every instrument giving it its most powerful delivery which made it seem this song can fit right at home watching a classic horror movie as such filth and depravity is never-ending but for Cystectomy’s music is concerned, I am extremely pleased and very confident to know that this band will make huge moves and mark their own brand for generations to come. Deprive To Hollowness is the wildest, calculated, assaulted, nerve-wracking and otherworldly albums I’ve heard in extreme metal in quite sometime.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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