CASTRATOR – Defiled In Oblivion

Dark Descent Records has always been one of my favorite labels in extreme music ever since I stumbled across them in 2017 and have loved every artist on that roster since. Meet Castrator, a New York based death metal band featuring all members who are female which in this day and age you don’t really see much of extreme metal bands consist of just women. This impending release features old school death metal mentality at it’s finest with more uncompromisingly heavy and ruthless approach of creating such enduring and hypnotically violent compositions that will surely leave you speechless front to back.

These members are extremely talented in what their capable of doing to be the most compassionate and creative individuals they can be with everything about this record is filled with chaotic, frantic and zero fucks given attitude musicality that will make your headbanging wonders be energetic and crazy. From fascinating guitar strings, stronger emphasizes on drumming, audible bass structures and vocals reminiscent of 90’s to mid 2000’s old school death metal, these tracks are as diabolical, brutal and even technical to a degree that you get such a wide variety of unique experimentation work and the songwriting process alongside the craftsmanship and creativeness into making this album is superb.

Just when you hear tracks like Inquisition Sins, Sinister Mind and Befoul My Existence, the members identified naturalistic signatures which is embedded to make outstanding arrangements where you can see how far they’ve taken their devotion onto death metal and it completely worked naturally. Defiled In Oblivion is a record that not only will fire warning shots on how dynamic sounding this album truly came to be but it’s also one of the most excitable albums to come out of 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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