OVNEV – Incalescence

One of the biggest strengths of the black metal genre is the use of atmosphere. The genre is able to create some really interesting pieces of work that are unique to this section of heavy music. One underrated gems of this genre is Ovnev from Texas. This project focuses a lot on wilderness, and creates a sound that sounds like it comes from a cold forest from the Northern United States. Their most recent album, “Incalescence”, is a great show of this sound. “Subterranean Premonitions” opens up this release by launching straight into the black metal side of this sound. The production on here is lower end, and definitely fits the sound they’re going for. This song bounces between heavy and soft, and begins to build the atmosphere that will populate this album. This leads us to “Icy Incalescence”, which opens up with some acoustic guitar and continues the nice atmosphere. This song has some nice riffs, and continues to balance the soft and heavy side of the band’s song. “A Living Resonance” opens up with black metal, and this song shows off the guitar work of the band. This song has some nice riffs, and a great lead guitar.

“Oracles of the Eternal Wisdom” opens up with some nice lead guitar, this song has a more melodic tone. This song also puts an added emphasis on a sad atmosphere. This song has some really nice writing, balancing nice riffs and acoustic section, before heavy on a heavy outro. “They Reclaimed the Land” ends this album by continuing the atmosphere, but also has a dark tone. This song is a nice way to end this album, and does so in a way that makes this album feel like a complete package. This is a very solid album. My biggest problem with it is the vocals are too low in the production, however, it’s a solid project that shouldn’t be missed by any fan of the black metal genre.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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