PAGANIZER – Beyond The Macabre

Swedish death metal crafters Paganizer has made incredible albums throughout the years this band’s been in existence and having to hear this record, Beyond The Macabre is perhaps the most accessible, well driven and elaborate pieces of music they’ve done to date. Not only this album is full of HM2 styled goodies, but if you heard a Paganizer album before in the past then chances are you’ll immediately recognize and be familiar with their tonality and such. Released through the powerhouse label of Transcending Obscurity Records, Beyond The Macabre is more expressive, darker, progressive at times and very straightforward old school death metal that has such a flawless combination of memorable guitar leads, colorful bass tones, tuneful drumming and vocals being underpinned by such glorious and tasteful sense of melody, their compositional writing and well as the craftsmanship and creativity on this album is not only bombarded by such immense talent, but every instrument plays and sounds incredibly sharp, dense and tight making it the most pummeling and mystifying albums that I’ve heard in quite sometime.

Paganizer’s goal in achieving such brilliancy and consistency in making such great pieces of death metal music not only surpassed my expectations, but the amount of detail, creativity, and talent on the record is absolutely flawless and I have to say, not only am I extremely impressed by how compassionate these musicians are in making such exquisite taste for my appreciation from the underground, but the imagery and sophisticated nature in creating such monstrous, technical and heavily melodically driven Beyond The Macabre is have made me excited for future material by the band. These tracks are monstrous, chaotic, commendable and apocalyptic consumptions in which the drums are blisteringly heavy of relentless blast beats, guitars bringing a death doomy inspired melody and mid to late 80’s style of extreme music that fans would love and expect. Beyond The Macabre is a wonderfully crafted and designed album to pay homage to the greatest and most influential bands not only Paganizer is known for but for the underground scene as a whole.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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