THROUGH THE SPATIAL DIMENSIONS – Through The Spatial Dimensions

Russia is home to a plethora of great music, an amazing culture and some of the best foods and drinks but it is no surprise that Russia also has some of the best metal bands. This is nothing short of explaining Through The Spatial Dimensions. Debuting in 2017 with their album Towards The Cold Void, the frozen tundra has unearthed this years self titled album which is a perfect example of how atmospheric and cold black metal should be executed.

Through The Spatial Dimensions lacks nothing from being a completely solid album. There is epic tremolo riffs that do not repeat or get boring, pounding relentless drums and venomous and otherworldly screams which are unique and not just another similar sounding vocal style. Each track on this album is unrelenting and pure bone chilling darkness. Tracks like Wisdom Of Old Forest and Flying Away Into The Reign Of Destiny display this crisp and straight forward style of musicianship displayed by the band. The guitar work on this album will send shivers down your spine as well as the pounding drums that will make your heart race. The vocals are a huge highlight in this whole album as the screams are not of this world. They are almost panic inducing with their shrill tone like a banshee lying in wait in the ice capped forests.

There is nothing at all found in this album that can be considered even close to being called a flaw. This is how black metal should be with a perfect mixture of both atmosphere and raw intensity. This album will both give you chills but intrigue you. If you like your black metal raw, dark and with a nice touch of melodic elements and atmosphere, then look no further. I think fans of Midnight Odyssey, Emperor, Darkthrone and just metal alone will enjoy this piece because I sure as hell did. Definitely one of the best black metal albums released this year and I’m sure after one listen, you will agree as well.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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