Today we got to speak with France’s death metal band Misgivings!

MPM: First off, thank you for doing this interview. Secondly, those not familiar
with you and your contributions, could you introduce yourselves to what
you do in the band?

M: Hellz Metal Purgatory. I am Stéfan aka Infamist the original guitarist and creator
of this vile entity Misgivings.

MPM: The band released the self titled album Misgivings and I thoroughly
enjoyed the record more and more. Could you go over the songwriting
process and inspiration into making this release your debut full-length?

M: The writing process was long and treacherous! It took quite a few years to
finalize this album. But persistence pays off. The inspiration comes mainly from
old legends of the US scene as well as a lot of Brazilian and Australian bands.

MPM: Dolorem Records handled the CD version of the self titled album. What was
it like working with them?

M: We knew about Alex’s work with Dolorem Records. We immediately thought
that this was the kind of label that Misgivings needed. His vision of extreme
metal totally matches ours! He is a passionate like us…

MPM: France is home to some of the greatest bands in extreme metal today.
Whether it Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, Benighted, Alcest and others
to name a few. What’s the scene like in France in comparison to other
countries like Canada, United States, Sweden, Finland and

M: The sound and approach of this music often varies from country to country.
There are characteristics unique to each. We often recognize a “way of doing”,
of composing and very typical also in terms of production and feeling.

MPM: What was the reason into making this album a full-length rather than a EP
or a demo?

M: The reason is simple! We’ve been around for thirty years and there was no
question of making a simple demo or an EP. The time had come to release a real
first album filled with frustration but above all with hatred and anger.

MPM: Since Misgivings were formed in 1991 what was the reason into making
death metal music and whom are the gateway entries for your discoveries
getting into extreme music?

M: At first our music had a much more thrash side. Of course we started to blast
with influences coming from Death/grind but we spent time with the Punk and
Rock scene quite a bit too! We mixed a lot more because there were not many of
us in the region. Obviously the mastery of our instruments was much lower than

MPM: Are there any songs off the self titled record you favor terms of musicality,
structure and lyrical content?

M: I love all the tracks on this album! They were written at different times and the
feeling that emerges from each of them is different. I will quote ‘Demonically
stigmatized’ in terms of progression and aggressiveness. And esteban’s singing is
totally possessed, honoring the lyrics. Some are touched by grace and others by
absolute evil…

MPM: When I heard the album I get a lot of influences from Angelcorpse, Altars
Of Madness era of Morbid Angel and many more. What is your current
stance on today’s modern day era of the genre?

M: These bands have strongly influenced the band because we all come from the
same period and have in common the bases of Heavy metal and Thrash. Few
groups surprise us in the same way today. Productions are often too clean and
bland. There are fewer souls in it. Even if fortunately some stand out and offer
an interesting musical direction.

MPM: Before becoming a musician, were you self taught taking private music
lessons at a young age or did you fully learn and adapt on your own from

M: We are all autodidact apart from Guilhem our drummer who followed a long
apprenticeship course. Often learning by yourself leads to originality and to
building your own identity.

MPM: If Misgivings were able to create the most explosive and headbanging
worthy lineup tour of past and current artists, what bands you like to bring
on tour?

M: There are so many ! In a recent interview we were told about Possessed or
Deicide. Which would be perfect and a culmination for us. But I don’t forget
bands like Incantation, Immolation and Europeans like Vader that we all love.

MPM: When not recording music or performing shows, what hobbies and interests
you like to do on your spare time that fans might not know about?

M: Music is our common and main passion. We spend most of our free time there!
Of course I could mention the combat sports that I particularly like with
literature and cinema. But time passes quickly and our work prevents us from devoting ourselves to anything other than our bands…

MPM: Since music is universal and brings so much to the table, what is your
philosophy and intake about what music means to you?

M: Almost all musicians practicing extreme music will tell you that it is an outlet
for the violence and darkness of this world. But there is also this fraternal and
saving side! The consecration of producing a work that is totally accomplished.
This relentlessness expressing our deepest instincts and above all the pride that
we feel after all this work accomplished.

MPM: Are there any upcoming releases of 2022 your most excited for?

M: I will mention the French scene. Venefixion has released a huge album,
Sacrifizier too and I’m waiting for the one from our friends from Fall of Seraph
which is clearly in an old fashioned way! And of course Ritualization with an
EP to be released in August.

MPM: Before we wrap up this interview, thank you for your time into doing this I
truly appreciate it. Any last thoughts or words you like to promote for
Misgivings and such?

M: We appreciate all the support and devotion that webzines/fanzines give us. It’s the essence of underground. Hail and Kill




Interview by Jake Butler


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