Today we’ve spoken to Max Marginal from the Algerian band Silent Obsession!

MPM: First off, how are you doing today and those unaware of who you are and contributions could you introduce us what you do for Silent Obsession?

SO: It’s going well I could I haven’t had the covid so far but I’m fine. for those who do not know me I am the leader guitarist of technical death metal silent obsession band that I formed in 2017 in Algiers in Algeria .

MPM: The band recently released the second EP titled Countdown which consists of three tracks and 6 minutes in length. What was the intention of making a EP rather than a full-length?

SO: I wanted to do theme which is different from lost and i wanted to release it this year and i judged to do it in 3 title and a single against the process which was released on November 24 before starting a full album in 2022 with some new and different thing .

MPM: Silent Obsession plays death metal but I noticed there’s technical death metal influences into the songwriting. What was your inspiration in wanting to be in a extreme metal band?

SO: From a young age I have always been inspired by bands such as Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Decapitated where my playing technique comes from .

MPM: With so many bands on the horizon founding their footing and sound to make extreme metal so fascinating, could you go over how the band name started and what its like being from Algeria terms of the music scene?

SO: I started with Silent Obsession starting from nothing the idea at the beginning was that I do this project alone and with as much difficulty to form the band especially in our country
which in the technical death metal or the traditional death metal the musician his very can even non-existent in can find local bands of thrash metal or hard rock with very little scene and with the Covid at the moment there is no scene.

MPM: Since many countries are still unsure about the future of many bands traveling all over the world for shows during this time with covid restrictions and such, was making the EP given you more motivation to create future material?

SO: Of course for me to form a former silent obsession is to see it in the long term with the difficulties that are necessary .

MPM: What are some past time hobbies you enjoy doing that fans don’t know about you?

SO: I work and spend time with my family and children .

MPM: If you had to pick the best Silent Obsession show of bands to open for whom do you see bringing on tour in the future?

SO: lelahell band it’s an excellent band.

MPM: What is your stance on the current era of extreme metal today than how it was decades ago?

SO: Silent Obsession is a well-known underground band.

MPM: Do you prefer recording music, playing live shows or do meet and greets with fans?

SO: All of this of course being a band that makes scenes and meet fans is all that is normal .

MPM: As a musician, were you self taught or took music lessons to improve your ability in becoming a musician you are today?

SO: No I learned on my own with a musical ear

MPM: Are you a fan of collecting physical music such as CD’s, vinyls and tapes or digital download and streaming?

SO: digital download and streaming it’s in today’s era .

MPM: Lastly, thank you for taking the time in doing this interview. Do you have anything final to say to your fans or any upcoming information to be discussed prior to the future of Silent Obsession or promoting social medias?

SO: thanks a lot for the interview stay tuned have prepared a full album for this year with a lot of stuff .




Interview by Jake Butler



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