Detherous- Unrelenting Malevolence Review

Canada’s death thrash metal band Detherous have quite made a name for themselves in the underground scene after releasing their debut album Hacked To Death which was a balls to the wall album showcasing no mercy at all costs. Now fast forwarding to 2022, Unrelenting Maelvolence is the sophomore full-length album under the amazing label of Redefining Darkness Records and truth be told, this album is meaner, faster and accessible than Hacked To Death. But far as music is concerned, If you were take influences from Death, Obituary, Asphyx, and Demolition Hammer with furious amounts of assaulted speed, wicked tremolos and bringing back the 1980’s underground sound back in the day, this is essentially what Unrelenting Malevolence is truly all about.

From creating sensations of carnage, mayhem and mania to the overall headbanging sections of rocking the hell out goodness, this album brings a lot of dynamics and signatures to that 80’s style thrash, 90’s influenced death metal bands and with a killer modern day production, this particularly is all original, creative and artistic pieces of music even if I were a young teenager again I would kindly say the same thing. From Guitarist/vocalist Damon MacDonald’s delivery, execution, songwriting and bringing out that early Symbolic/ Leprosy Death album influences to  his Chuck Schuldiner screams, growls and well tone pitch harmonics makes his deliverance become easily recognizable, these songs range anywhere from hard-hitting sections, speed metal flavorings, old school inspired death metal arrangements and a production so incredibly advanced and polished, the rest of the members contributed and demonstrated their overall amazing talent giving every instrument and section to fit appropriately when needed.

Even tracks like Wretched Formations of Flesh,  Skull Fracturing Nightmare, Interminable Mutilation and Cataclysmic Devastation for example have brought old school death metal with thrash metal arrangements are not only very impressive so to speak, but it brings devilishly awesome conjurations that this album is just the beginning from these Canadians. Unrelenting Malvolence is the inception, embodiment, and a simple reminder that the next generations of old school death metal will bring continuation throughout many decades upon another.
Overall score. 9/10
Review by Jake Butler



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