MAUL – Monarchy Of Mold

Maul are a upcoming death metal band from North Dakota been around for quite sometime and have released their first official EP release for Monarchy Of Mold. If you love death metal, mainly the early to mid 90’s style with bands like Autopsy, Dismember, Bolt Thrower and to more current artists including Fetid, Cerebral Rot, Undergang, Tomb Mold and others to name prior examples of what you’re gonna expect listening to this monstrous experience. From it’s sickening production, amazing instrumentals, putrid vocals, buzzsaw guitars, tight drum performances and lyrics up to date, this EP does capture the moments of the underground and modern day of death metal but I’ve also noticed there’s sludge and hardcore influences mainly the band Outer Heaven due to some of the songs containing that slow, mid-tempo sections where the track builds up momentum and then back at it again with the songs bringing a nasty, filthy, and raw sounding release just punches you in the dick, no pun intended by the way.

But I wanna take the song Infatuation for instance, what a great way to kick off the EP with that 90’s era of death metal whole staying true to its roots bringing that old school flair with a modern twist from the grotesque vocal deliveries, punishing touches of the instruments, solid craftsmanship with each member contributed to the songs and not to mention I love how diverse, and progressive this EP can get but only gets better overtime the more I hear it again, again, and again all over until there’s no turning back. Monarchy Of Mold is a fantastic EP that needs to be discussed for years to come especially if you’re a die hard death metal fan like myself with elements of hardcore, sludge and even some doom thrown in the mix this is seriously good stuff.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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