Spotlights – Alchemy For The Dead

Spotlights: Pushing the Boundaries of Post-Metal with 'Alchemy for the Dead'

Once in a while, a band emerges with an indescribable mystique. It’s not that they are shrouded in mystery or possess supernatural qualities. It’s an ineffable essence that everyone acknowledges but struggles to articulate—a band that elicits exclamations like, “How have we not talked about them before? I love this band!” Spotlights is one such remarkable band, and their fourth full-length release, “Alchemy for the Dead,” solidifies their position in the post-metal realm. In a genre characterized by vast variations and subtle nuances, this album serves as a milestone for the era, showcasing Spotlights’ haunting and heavy sound as they continually evolve and redefine themselves.

While Spotlights has always boasted a distinct sound, “Alchemy for the Dead” showcases a notable progression. Unlike their previous releases, where vocals were subtly integrated into the music, this album places them more prominently, adding a refreshing layer to their sonic landscape. The band takes a risk by making subtle yet noticeable changes while staying true to their core sound, and the result is nothing short of exceptional.

However, Spotlights hasn’t forsaken their signature trademarks. “Alchemy for the Dead” is brimming with bone-crushing riffs expertly intertwined with tasteful droning and complemented by mesmerizing synth textures. In a genre that can sometimes lull listeners into a state of musical oblivion, Spotlights captivates your attention throughout the entire journey. Their intriguing melodies and ambient undertones gently guide you before immersing you in a whirlwind of fuzz-driven heaviness.

Although “Alchemy for the Dead” has just been released, it has already left a profound impression, leaving fans eagerly anticipating Spotlights’ next offering. The band continues to defy expectations, pushing the boundaries of the genre further than any other artist I’ve encountered. This is the epitome of modern post-metal.

Overall Score: 10/10

Review by: Dan Perretta


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