Sweden’s After Earth – The Rarity Of Reason Album Review

Exploring Sweden's Metal Legacy: After Earth's 'The Rarity Of Reason' Album and Tour

Sweden is a breeding ground for influential metal bands that have shaped various sub-genres. Among them, bands like At The Gates, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah, Opeth, Entombed, Amon Amarth, Katatonia, and Scar Symmetry proudly call Sweden home. These bands have not only contributed to the evolution of metal but have also left an undeniable mark on its sub-genres, influencing musicians and fans worldwide. In Flames, especially, casts a significant influence on After Earth’s musical journey. However, delving into their latest album reveals a more intricate web of influence, drawing from the collective genius of these bands.

“The Rarity of Reason” captivates as a showcase of exceptional musical talent, each member contributing strengths to the intricate tapestry of composition. As a fan of In Flames and At The Gates, I was enthralled by After Earth’s transformative journey throughout the album. “The Rarity Of Reason” demonstrates growth, displaying maturity and restraint. This approach not only allows introspection between songs but also departs from metal’s relentless intensity.

After Earth’s “The Rarity Of Reason” boasts an organic sonic signature that effortlessly weaves together musical elements. The music flows naturally, each member seamlessly intertwining contributions. Notably, vocalist Marcus Rydstedt harmonizes with the instrumental components, allowing the music to shine while avoiding dominance. Remarkably, despite the departure of main guitarists, drummer Anton Vehkaperä stepped in, recording all guitar segments (excluding solos) while preserving the album’s integrity.

The production of “The Rarity Of Reason” unfolded at Obsidian Recording Studios, known for iconic metal masterpieces. With a history of collaborations with esteemed acts like Aeon, Hammerfall, Obscura, and Faustus, Obsidian Recording Studios has earned its place in the world of sonic craftsmanship. Mastering, was handled by Fredrik Nordström, a distinguished figure with a huge portfolio spanning bands mentioned earlier, adds sonic finesse and elevates the album’s overall sound.

As After Earth prepares to self-release “The Rarity Of Reason” on August 18, anticipation builds. Simultaneously, the band will go on a European tour, sharing the stage with revered Swedish Death Metal act Mara. This tour not only lets fans experience After Earth’s performance but also solidifies their role in upholding Sweden’s rich metal legacy.

“The Rarity Of Reason” pays homage to Sweden’s metal heritage. As they follow in the footsteps of metal pioneers, After Earth emerges as a force, a pillar of innovation and creativity. Circle August 18 as a date to remember and jump on this release. Join After Earth on their journey, witnessing the next phase of their artistic evolution and contributing to the evolving narrative of Sweden’s metal saga.

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Overall Score: 9/10

Review by: George J Bauman IV


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