FINAL SACRIFICE – Aspirations & Endevours


While constantly looking out for new music, a deathcore band from Poznan, Poland catches my eye. The band is called Final Sacrifice. I have been following their music since their debut self-titled EP in 2009. They released a single titled “Affected” last year but now, they have brought chaos upon us with their latest release Aspirations & Endeavors.

The EP starts with the track “Aspirations” which makes you feel as if you are caught out in a storm. You hear thunder and rain then the band comes in hard and strong. This track would definitely make you want to bounce even soaked out in the rain. The single “Affected” is re-recorded and follows right after and I must say this track is definitely a good one. Catchy riffs, technicality and fast-paced drum work all in this track. “Slain by Winter” comes on next and starts of with catchy riff right away. Nothing is ever what you would expect in each song so far. This song has another bone-crushing breakdown that makes you want to just get up and break everything near you. Following after is the track “(I Am) The War” which really shows you right away that this band does not screw around. You can feel the ferocity in this track. “Curse Upon Your Name” is up after and this track begins right away with a breakdown that is not only unique but technical and covered in heavy brutality. The track “Endeavors” also starts with a catchy, heavy breakdown as well but never overloaded with the same, mundane breakdown. The final track “Send Forth Your Hope” is the perfect closer track because the band really did save the best for last.

Final Sacrifice really took time to show their talents and put a lot of effort into their release. The band has definitely shown growth from their debut release. If you like heavy, earth shaking breakdowns, ferocious vocals, complex guitar work and technical drums, this band is something you should check out. We don’t usually think of Poland as a place to find a band like Final Sacrifice but Europe keeps proving that they can produce such amazing bands as Final Sacrifice. This band is one you all should keep an eye out for!


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