LORNA SHORE – Flesh Coffin

Lorna Shore are an American metal band formed in 2010 from Warren County, New Jersey and have released two full-length albums and three EPs in their catalog. Flesh Coffin is the sophomore effort from deathcore band Lorna Shore and is the follow-up to 2015’s Psalms which was a very well established album. Flesh Coffin was released on February 17th, 2017 through Outerloop Records and consists of 10 tracks and clocks in around 46:00 in length. Flesh Coffin is best described as a biblical, blackened, technical, symphonic and atmospheric approach of deathcore that’s a massive improvement and continuation within their musicality. Flesh Coffin also features groovy, vicious instrumentations, scattered breakdowns and bone-crushing chemistry that are fantastically driven beginning to end.

Compared to Psalms, Flesh Coffin takes Black Metal compositions to whole new level making the lyricism on the album stronger, intelligent and beautifully designed as the production introduces a new evolution for this Jersey extreme metal band to new heights and contributed organic branches making the songs a complete fresh intake for the genre. Then onto tracks such as Offering of Fire, Flesh Coffin, Denounce The Light and The Astral Wake of Time are fine examples what the members from Lorna Shore can defined, construct and craft deathcore, Black Metal and slight traces of Technical Death Metal with intersections of distinctive barriers that’s insanely heavy, dark and taking next natural steps is what made Flesh Coffin so spectacular. Whether it’s the orchestrations, accessible elements of emotional deliverance and implementing haunting sequences of understanding instrumentals, Flesh Coffin is Lorna Shore’s matured, heaviest, impressive, organic and engaging albums they’ve done to date. From melodic chord progressions, Black Metal-esque drumming, sweeping guitars, monstrous vocals and brutalized breakdowns of blackened forces not to be reckoning with, Flesh Coffin takes modern deathcore to whole new approach showcasing this New Jersey band take its toll to the highest peak of the mountain and continued to impress me of how astonishing Flesh Coffin really portrays. If you liked 2015’s Psalms, Flesh Coffin is a characterized album that promises to entertain deathcore fans with naturalistic musical compositions and taking compassionate lyricism to the deepest and darkest storytelling deathcore albums you’ll hear of 2017.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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