Féleth- Divine Blight Review

Féleth is a Norwegian melodic metal band that was formed in 2015. The band has released 3 studio albums, with their most recent one being “Divine Blight”. The album was released on November 11, 2022. The band describes the album as:

” a collection of stories based upon the dystopian path humanity is set on. An evil king-like figurine, representing the darkness of mankind, that appears timely throughout the album is depicted on the album cover which is made by the talented Eric at Kahinnien Graphix.”

In a quick snapshot, this album is a mixture of multiple metal genres including metal core, melodic metal, technical death metal, speed metal, and some thrash. This album from front to back is a riff-packed powerhouse full of twists and turns that keep the listener fully engaged for the entire play through. The album covers many different styles interwoven tastefully together which is what this band does very well.

Divine Blight is the third album by the Norwegian band Feleth. It is a concept album about our dystopian future. The lyrics are dark and eerie, consisting of lyrical content that covers a range of social issues with todays society. The guitar riffs are heavy and driving and carry the message perfectly. The album’s artwork was created by Eric at Kahinnien Graphix. Divine Blight is an ambitious album that seeks to create a universe for the listener to explore internally. It is both a concept album and a conceptual work of art and is a testament to the band’s creativity and vision. The band has crafted an interesting and intricate musical world that is as fascinating as it is haunting.

The production of The Divine Blight is impeccable. The sound is crisp and clear and allows the listener to appreciate the nuances of the music. The guitars are thick and heavy, and the drums are thunderous and powerful and are equally as intense and intricate as the guitar work throughout this album. The vocals are brutal and full of emotion. The bass is deep and resonant, and it provides a solid foundation for the rest of the music. The production of this album is superb and provides the listener with a truly immersive experience. It comes as no surprise that someone with amazing ears worked on this project, the album was mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) who has mix and mastered The Agonist, Beneath The Massacre, Beyond Creation and a handful of bands from Century Media Records and Victory Records.


From start to finish this album is a memorable listen. The lyrical content explores a lot of thought-provoking topics ranging from colonialism, consumerism, capitalism, and explores the idea that we as a species are complicit in the way our world turns. Pointing the finger right back into our faces shedding light on whos really responsible for where we are today. This album was a great listen for me and I hope to see these lads continue to grow and evolve.

Overal score: 8.5/10

Review by: George Bauman IV

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