UTTER – Utter Darkness


Now here comes a duo from The Netherlands called UTTER. This duo presents to us their debut release Utter Darkness which was recorded this month. Nydoom does vocals, bass and guitars while Bartbaar does percussions and mouth harp. The band plays a unique style of raw black metal.

The album begins with the track “Psychotic Whirlwind” which starts with clicking sounds then goes straight into raw, bleak black metal. The vocals are very raw and raspy and aggressive while the drums start slow before it all picks up into what even sounds like a whirlwind of evilness. Other tracks like “Utter Darkness”, “Armed With An Axe” and “The Swarm” continue the dark, raw black metal pattern which is very similar to that of Hate Forest.

The track “Elements” stands out with the sound of water at the beginning along with a mouthharp, acoustic guitar and percussions that are not a drum set as heard in previous tracks. A great and unique way to end the album.

For those who are familiar with old raw black metal like old releases by Black Funeral, Hate Forest and anything of that style will be very impressed with this album by Utter. A great first release by the duo and a great addition to any fan of black metal’s album list. The release can be bought on Bandcamp here.




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