CROSS VAULT – Spectres of Revocable Loss


When you think of classic traditional doom metal, usually slow, sorrowful and emotional come to mind. The German duo from CROSS VAULT have already mastered that art with their debut album Spectres of Revocable Loss. The band is far from being newcomers in the scene but have made this album their first release as Cross Vault.

The album features masterful musicianship, traditional doom metal feel and otherworldly vocals which all match the sound you want to hear in doom metal perfectly. Tracks like “A Query In Chains” have that slow depressive doom feel as the guitars are slow tempo and “Rails Departing” picks up pace but continue the path of the albums sound. Not a single moment in the album is there a dull, repetitive or boring moment. The artwork was created by accomplished American artist Lucas Ruggieri in his beautiful Doré/Dürer-style, and depicts a scene from George Orwell’s dystopian classic “1984” which also inspired the lyrics to the song “At Our Bleakest”.

Fans of Candlemass, Anathema and Warning (UK) should be pleased with this album as the feeling of old traditional doom metal is alive with this band. The group also brilliantly chose to end the release with a cover of “Footprints” by Warning (UK) which adds that perfect final touch. Anyone who is a true fan of traditional doom metal needs to add this to their collection as this is a true masterpiece.



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