SYMBOLIK – Emergence

In 2019 The Artisan Era have created incredible albums from Inanimate Existence, Equipoise, Flub and Warforged, with all being fantastic in their own way. Now, California’s technical death metal band Symbolik marked their return after nine years being absent in the scene. This time, they’ve created the debut full-length under The Artisan Era called Emergence. To describe their sound is taking influences from The Black Dahlia Murder, Vale Of Pnath, Wretched, Alterbeast and old Inferi but in a much more contemporary, melodic and hatred themed style of technical and melodic death metal with some elements of symphonic and black metal to a extent.

After receiving the promo of this album I can safely say what a phenomenal effort from Symbolik. These Californians have not only brought us new music with such emotion, power, determination and demonstrating their talent left to right but showcasing their artistic ability for creating such dynamic and experimented music in a longtime. Their career had already been steady as the music speaks volume for itself but what I can pinpoint throughout this release is the craftsmanship, technical proficiency, lyricism, songwriting and originality is simply put, remarkable.

From mid-paced guitar melodies, spastic drums, pummeling vocals, cohesive instrumental variations, this has got it all. Just the moments you hear Perceptions Of Reality, Augury Of Ancients, Coalescing The Void and When Eternity Collapsed introduces technical and melodic death passages, accessible and yet extremely addictive hooks to the Children Of Bodom and Cradle Of Filth Influences due to the classical arrangements, this is more focused on skill, proficiency, expression and definitely made me wanting more to hear what’s next for the band. Emergence is a album showcasing various genres of extreme metal that’s filled with misanthropy, self loathing and any fans within the death metal spectrum should not pass this up.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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