SOLAMNIA – Those Of Honor


Not many melodic death metal albums have anything that makes them stand out or really different from the rest but Finland’s SOLAMNIA have shown they are on a whole different level.Many of you out there are familiar with In Flames, Soilwork, and Dark Tranquility right? Well I’m warning you now this album is no where similar to those bands even though the band is often classified as melodic death metal. This album has blurred all the lines of metal classification and created something that dabbles into a little bit of everything.

Their debut release Those Of Honor features a plethora of instruments, sounds, transitions and vocals tones. Tracks like “Warrior’s Trail” for example has and essence of folk, death metal and some added gothic metal spice to make this recipe a perfect plate of metal mastery. Often you will hear the accompaniment of synths within each track that dance among the guitar riffage. Female vocals often appear in each track as well at all the perfect times, mostly intertwining with the harsh male growls that also fit within the songs perfectly. The atmosphere of each song gives the listener a feeling of triumph and victory, as if returning from conquering new lands and singing songs of honor and praise for another victory.

Whether you would like to call this album death metal, folk metal, power metal, gothic metal or anything else, wherever you place it, it is a masterpiece and definitely can please any fan of metal music as a whole. The song compositions, instrumentals, vocals, guitar work, drums and just everything is spot on and very precise. I can not say anything bad, wrong or even critical about this release except I wish it was more than five tracks. With that said, this release will surely get Solamnia the recognition they so very well deserve.



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