GARDSGHASTR – Slit Throat Requiem

Symphonic black metal as a whole takes a lot of patience, skill, and multiple listens to understand the artist’s musical layers, inspiration and technical craftsmanship. Gardsghastr, a international symphonic black metal band from United States and Sweden, have captured a imaginable, atmospheric and luxurious hybrids of extreme music that won me over after hearing this magnificent creation of beautifully arranged, written and jaw dropping symphonic black metal pieces of 2019 I’ve heard. Slit Throat Requiem is if you took Emperor’s In The Nightshade Eclipse, put it in a blender and create the most mystical, mythological and individualized structures of symphonic black metal, Slit Throat Requiem is basically that album into one description.

This album is a natural protection of musical research that originally focused on tracks featuring hypnotizing atmospheres, aggression, melodic variety and recognized experimentation with classical influences, compositions and constructed majestic displays of utter Scandinavian landscapes right off the tip of an iceberg. Tracks such as Beasts of Horn and Wing, Promethean Flame, Diabolical Reverence and title track for instance demonstrates the black metal magic, dissociation 90’s death metal environments and a cohesive, elegant and sinister state of discomfort placing a sophisticated display of melody and evident solos & harmonies blended in together to create this album a legendary discovery for its proud intertwined guitars, interweave atmospheric passages and sorrowful, dark and occult refrains are definitely examples that are not to be strained or recycled but rather keep a redesigned concept of magnificent black metal creations.

There’s also a lot of 80’s influences with its classical soul empowering the vast melodies into a much more thought-provoking department for different alternatives well as acoustic interludes and excellent minor neoclassical traditional roots that form a synthetic, hypnotic, slaughtered and explication artistic expression as the album does a wonderful job balancing both the symphonic, melodic and even little traces of death metal in between the album’s presentation value. Overall, Slit Throat Requiem is a qualified, beautifully crafted and glorious symphonic black metal album that is important to the extreme metal world for many decades to come.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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