SARGEIST – Feeding the Crawling Shadows


SARGEIST is not a unfamiliar name among the black metal community. Ask anyone who listens to black metal and I’m pretty sure they know Sargeist. Sargeist started out as a solo project of Shatraug but later became a full project by about 2002. Feeding the Crawling Shadows is the highly anticipated follow up to 2010’s Let The Devil In. Anyone who loved Let The Devil In will be quite happy with this album then…but there’s a catch.

Feeding the Crawling Shadows is best described as a blend of Let The Devil In and Satanic Black Devotion (2003). Yes this album has that true, raw black metal feel like previous releases but this album feels more hateful and aggressive than the last. Is the album supposed to have a hateful and evil atmosphere? You’re damn right it should because thats what this band is about. Each track on the album cuts through like razorblades on your wrists and is just….pure aggression and evil! The album has the tendency to sound repetitive but does keep a flow of things often saving itself from sounding monotonous with moderately fuzzy guitars and shrill vocals that also incorporate lower harsh vocals more than previous albums.

This release is a solid, true black metal album with some awesome highlights but curiously enough these usually come as parts of songs rather than the entire songs themselves. An infectious guitar line here, a killer vocal section there but it’s rarely the entire song that sticks out as a clear winner. This is the plight of this album in general. The good parts are amazing but the average parts are good but not great. This comes as a bit of a disappointment after their incredible last album where just about every song was a clear display of ingenuity and perseverance. I would still recommend owning this album because it is still a killer black metal release for 2014.



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