ENTHRONED – Sovereigns


So the great Belgian black metal kings ENTHRONED have returned to follow up 2012’s critically acclaimed Obsidium. This album has been on many metal fans wish list and was well worth waiting for. Enthroned have been well known for their brand of brutal assault on the ears but this album truly is a whole new level of insanity.

The album is pure mastery. Its straight forward, evil, full speed ahead black metal. From the intro track “Anteloquium” with its eerie beginning to the tracks such as “Lamp of Invisible Lights” and “Of Shrines and Sovereigns” with their straight ahead speed and ferocity. The lyrics still have themes of Satanism and Occultism as previous albums have dealt with but this album seems to be a stronger aura of sheer anger and aggression. The guitars have the fuzzy raw sound as before along with the epic drum work and piercing vocals. This album is a solid piece of work.

With that said, I truly enjoyed this album and it was worth my anticipation. After hearing the track that Agonia Records had posted, I was hooked and anxious to hear this album. It easily could be in 2014’s top albums. I highly recommend any fan of true black metal similar to Dark Funeral and Darkthrone to buy this album!




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