Northeast based outfitters The Delirium Effect are an American extreme metal band been around since 2018 and have created the debut full-length album in 2021 titled Eternal under a upcoming label House Of Perdition Records. Musically and stylistically speaking the band heavily focuses on creating a horrific, serial killer and hard-hitting mixtures of metalcore, thrash metal, melodic death metal and deathcore. Stylistically, they have a approach of keeping things interesting in terms of consistency, musicality, technical levels of productivity and the craftsmanship displays the true talent of these musicians each giving their heart out to provide such brutality and heaviness all around.

Some songs I will say do have a deathcore signature with some death metal tendencies as I feel I’ve heard many bands in the genre do where they don’t really rely on just heavy breakdowns or continuously to make guitars chuggy throughout the album but I feel their way of making music is pretty decent for the most part. When you hear tracks such as God Complex, Blooddrunk, Oh, Theodore and Entombed for example do have these death metal inspired melodies where it does contain some infectious speeds of the drums and bass performance alongside the vocals and guitar layers bring out a razor sharp edge tone giving it a nice one-two punch delivery giving the album a nice atmospheric passage to make the dissonance feel naturally balanced.

Some songs I do feel that its quite uneventful at times for a average listener of the genre but I feel that the more consecutive listens you hear, the better it gets overtime. Eternal is a record showcasing diversity, experimentation and deliverance and I would recommend this to any causal metalheads out there wanting something fun and exhilarating.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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