This movement of Black Metal mixed with Shoegaze (Blackgaze or Post-Black Metal as some call it) has been recently becoming a big thing and personally, I’m really liking some of it. Bands like Alcest, Amesoeurs, Deafheaven and Lantlos have paved the way for this genre and another band from The Netherlands called COLD BODY RADIATION is another one rising up the ladder.

The band released A Clear Path this month on Dusktone Records and truly, this album is remarkable. You can feel the emotions radiate from the music and also feel as if you’re just floating through nothingness. The album has many melodic elements like ambient synths, distant sung vocals, soft acoustics and electric fuzz guitars in the distance. You can hear a bit of the black metal elements in the undertones of the album like the guitar style when the vocals take a breather but much of the album has haunting melodies that’ll make you close your eyes and just float away.

The lyrics speak of hope, loss, space and nature and in every line of the album, you’ll be humming along. Probably one of the catchier albums in the genre, similar to Alcest’s Les Voyages de L’âme album. The rhythms are catchy and song structures are well written. A very solid piece in this rising genre from this band with a lot of potential. The album can be bought here if you would like to buy it or even preview it.


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