MARE COGNITUM – Solar Paroxysm

When it comes to one person projects and atmospheric black metal as a whole, I feel the music not only resonated and connects my soul to a whole new level, but the dimensions and pathways to my extreme metal journey is blissful and therefore, Pacific Northwest’s Mare Cognitum is a fine example of what modern atmospheric black metal is all about. Solar Paroxysm is the fifth full-length and the continuation to 2016’s Luminiferous Aether which was a pretty good album which introduced the traditional formula and sound Mare Cognitum is known for. But in 2021, we have the newest album Solar Paroxysm which is released on Extraconscious Records which is a upcoming label founded in 2020 in my neck of the woods. Solar Paroxysm incorporate many structures and different subgenres of music including traditional black metal, dark ambiance, symphonic black metal and even some dungeon synth to a extent which quite frankly this album is spread with numerous amounts of genres across the radar and truth be told, I am extremely impressed how flawless and executed the record became front to back.

The mastermind behind this project is the man himself behind Mare Cognitum known as Jacob Buczarski who not only is the heart and soul to Mare Cognitum’s wonderful creationism of albums but his artistic talent, lyrical content, craftsmanship and ability to portray the listener to feel a sense of emotion, impact and influence of other bands in the spectrum is mesmerizing and memorable. Even moments on the album I get huge influences within the music anywhere from Midnight Odyssey, Darkspace, Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice and Chaos Moon since the moments you hear songs such as Luminous Accretion and Antaresian to the atmospheric nature and brilliant structures of Terra Requiem, Jacob’s musical tones not only made the album unique but extremely creative and dynamic which his music represents character and his personality alone in creating these soundscapes is something I wished more bands in the atmospheric black metal genre can focus more.

The amount of detail, dedication and compassion Jacob’s magnificent musicianship, atmospheric passages and beautifully made tracks displayed here, these compositions and components demonstrates a melancholic, emotional, journey of a lifetime experience which makes the listener strapped into a world where the album feels like you’re out on a beach hearing waves crashing down the tide and let the oceanic samples sooth your soul but also have a lot of depth and variation as the lyrics are packed with symbolic meanings. Solar Paroxysm takes Jacob Buczarski’s brand of atmospheric black metal to a whole new level showcasing their finest craft, achievements and solidarity efforts to bring atmospheric black metal and fans amongst the genre such great heights and surely is worth listening to.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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