MORBID MESSIAH – Disgorged In The Coffin

Residing in Mexico, Morbid Messiah are a death metal band that’s been around since 2015. With this new EP released on Chaos Records, Disgorged In The Coffin is a extreme metal fans paradise as they have strong influences from the earliest albums of Autopsy, to other influential bands we all know and love including Grave and Incantation. Musically, they have this sound that contains such filthy, sewage like style of death metal but however, one thing I noticed about this band is that they’re incorporating different structures and sounds including black metal and even some doomy signatures in between.

This monstrous effort showcased the band’s finest craft and their ability in wanting to expand their horizons keeping the traditional formula and institutions they’re known for is really worth mentioning on this 22 minute onslaught of pure carnage and aggression. Moments you’ll hear songs including Angel of Disembowelment and Dungeon of Vermin to the disgusting piece The Maniacal, their compositions, arrangements and production all sound dirty, progressive at times and contain that mid to late 90’s era of death metal where the tracks don’t feel sacrificial or losing its sense of purpose, but rather keeping the tempos, leads and rhythms be tighter and upfront.

These guys not only know how to properly demonstrate how their talent can truly become, but rather keep the instrumentals and true power to the sound feels diabolical and almost melodic in a sense. But for a new EP, Disgorged In The Coffin marks a new chapter and establishing their future plans to give us what the upcoming albums will deliver for many to come.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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