LANTLOS – Melting Sun


As mentioned in my post about Cold Body Radiation’s album, LANTLOS is one of the top leading bands in this new “Blackgaze” movement as of late. The German solo project of Herbst named the band Lantlos (which translate literally to “without homeland”) because he feels neither at home in Germany or anywhere else. The music reflects this feelings he has through the lyrics and the music itself.

The new album is titled Melting Sun and instantly has many awaiting it’s release on May 2nd. The album is very mellow, melodic and well…follows the whole “shoegaze” sound. Herbst brilliantly blends the lines of black metal, shoegaze and post-rock in his music but this release really showcases his work and brilliance. The instant atmosphere of the album is the sense of wandering an empty world and searching for something you may never find. There is never a repetitive or dull moment in the music since the album goes through different cycles of tempos from slow and almost doom-like to a moderately faster rock tempo and feel and even some moments of post-black metal riffs. Herbst’s vocals are on point at all the right times bringing the musical atmosphere to a full circle.

This release is a monumental release for Lantlos being in my opinion, his most evolved and creative. Not saying that 2011’s Agape wasn’t also a great release but this one is truly something different and amazing all around. Any fan of metal, especially post-black metal and shoegaze will surely like this release.




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