NEXILVA – Eschatologies


I have review NEXILVA once before when they released Defile the Flesh of Innocence in 2011 but during the three years time of silence, the band had been hard at work making a sound that really stands out from the rest. The UK death metal group have been around since 2009 but its not till you hear Eschatologies that you can truly get a feel for the band and how much talent they put forth. Not saying that previous releases weren’t great but this release is their true footprint into death metal territory and less of deathcore. Many have already compared their new sound to that of Make Them Suffer, Born of Osiris, and Lorelei as well as some have compared the release to step a bit into even a “symphonic black metal meets death metal” type of sound.

The album is a constant assault on the ears in all way, shape and form. The album does start with a atmospheric intro including a breakdown but the track after goes straight into what could be said to sound like a symphonic black metal track and many tracks do have this sound. Synths do weave in and out of the soaring guitar riffs that are accompanied by thunderous drums that can only be described as mechanical because the speed is unbelievable. Tracks like “The Misdirection of God” and “Necromancer” instantly sound like ferocious sympho-black tracks that dip into death metal at a blink of an eye. The vocals are prominent and strong when both hitting high screams and bellowing lows.

All and all this release is a very substantial metal release by the band that really shows a strong musicianship and composition skills from the group. Nexilva is on the way to becoming the next big thing in the metal scene with this solid album that has everything from ambience, melody, chaos and aggression all wrapped into a fourteen track package so I suggest you grab a copy if you enjoy a little bit of structured chaos.


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