I’m not gonna be going into bringing heavy controversy about this band but those who aren’t aware of Ovid’s Withering before, this is a extreme metal band that takes elements of deathcore, blackened, symphonic and even technical death metal to a extent while bringing a sound extremely theatrical and cinematic which is what I’m heavily into for the deathcore genre. But in 2013, this band blew up within the underground scene being their amazing full-length album titled Scryers of the Ibis which took every key component and style of metal whether it has influences of symphonic metal, black metal, djent, technical death metal and traditional deathcore due to its monumental, ambitious and driven storytelling from its incredible lyricism, progressive structures and a unique style infused multiple genres into one is definitely fulfilling and pleasing to my liking.

Terraphage is the sophomore album and is a continuation where Scryers Of The Ibis have left off but this time around, this is released independently by the band after Scryers was under Unique Leader Records in 2013. Artistically, lyrically, and musically speaking this album created a huge leap and bound to incorporate many different structures including the first half where they have increased the craftsmanship and originality to the fullest volume possible and unleashed their finest achievements possible. From layered compositions, variable tempos and a lost touch of humanity with convicting emotions as each song represents a powerful, yet stricken violence to a world where everything’s sinister.
The beauty, nature and discipline for these talented musicians bring real understandings that’ll leave the listener baffled, desperate and confused. Musically and lyrically, you’ll get standard blast beats, programmed synthesizers, genocidal guitar tones and intense, massive vocal variations prior to the last Ovid’s Withering release.

To me, this release feels a much more fiercer, authentic, and executed albums the band has done to yet. Just when you hear tracks including Oracles, Godless, Tholg, and my favorite track being At The Dreadlord’s Behest, you’ll get arrangements from clean vocals which reminded me bit of Septicflesh due to the orchestration nature of the songs but also maintaining the black metal-esque melodies and progressive death metal inspired compositions brings out a relaxation atmosphere giving it a suspenseful, thrilling and exciting intake to the band’s catalog. Terraphage may not be the most perfect or mastering albums in the deathcore community but it surely is a fine specimen that will offer fans something to the table.


Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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