CUT UP – Wherever They May Rot

Sweden’s home to the most influential bands of all time and Cut Up is definitely a band I feel everybody shouldn’t sleep on. Wherever They May Rot, the sophomore album released through Metal Blade Records is an absolute headbanging experience start to finish. Musically, this album features former members from Vomitory and truth be told, they’ve done a magnificent job bringing that raw, punishing, groovy and well complex style of old school death metal that just brings positive energy levels to the table.

From songs such as Vermin Funeral, Raped By The Blade, Wherever They May Rot and my personal favorite song PsychoSurgery, Cut Up straddles the line between OSDM revival and straight brutal death metal, presenting more arguments in favor of their existence than against it. The music itself is highly polished, eschewing the aesthetics of modern Swedeath acts in favor of crystal-clear drumming and harsh vocals with almost Cannibal Corpse/Vader-esque influenced songwriting. There’s also some traces of Gothenburg sound on the secondary half of Wherever They May Rot blending those melodic elements with modern brutal death metal. There isn’t enough give with the take in terms of the way Cut Up have redistributed their sound this time around but for a sophomore effort, this record proves why Swedish death metal has truly involved throughout many years ago and many try to resurrect the style. Wherever They May Rot is going down as the most heaviest, pissed off, headbanging and spineless brutality of a record I’ve heard in years and any fans of Swedish death metal should not pass this up if you really missed Vomitory.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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