NEGLEKTUM – Blasphemer


NEGLEKTUM is a Swedish black metal that is making a strong presence amongst the underground scene. This release has so much to offer that many black metal releases seem to lack, plenty of melody and rhythm. The duo have been active since 2008 and since 2009’s Beyond the Frozen Mist demo, they have come a very long way and are really showing that they are going to be a name to know in the black metal community.

Blasphemer starts right off with being noticeably different. The almost nine minute intro track is absolutely epic. The whole album is filled with an excellent mixture of riffs from headbanging galloping riffs to the melodic tremolo picking and slower sprawling riffs, it’s a real strong blend and with really excellent melodic and powerful solos, the album remains engaging and strong. The composition of each song is beautifully masterful from the interlude track “Salvation” with it’s melodious acoustic guitar playing at close to three minutes long provides a momentary break from the black metal assault to “Babalon” with it’s chaotic black metal style, ferocity and dark atmosphere.

Blasphemer is not the usual black metal album that you may be used to from bands like Mayhem, Dark Funeral and any other big name black metal band, this release is a stand out, epic masterpiece. With it’s strong songwriting skills, musicianship and beyond the norm composition, there is no saying that Neglektum won’t be another one of Swedish kings of black metal. I highly recommend this album to any fan of black metal that wants an album that isn’t just the usual tremelo picking, blast beats and heavily echoed vocals. The album is available through the underground cult label Goathorned Productions (Infernal, Setherial, Obscuratum).


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