ABHORRENT DEFORMITY – Slaughter Monolith

Based out of North Carolina, Abhorrent Deformity are a brutal death metal band who’s been earning quite the following after releasing their debut full-length “Entity Of Malevolence” in 2015 through Comatose Music and I seriously loved that record beginning to end. Three years later we have the latest chapter for these Musicians with Slaughter Monolith. Did this album met my expectations? Honestly, it absolutely did. The record is more aggressive, polished and extremely diabolical. From songs including such as Ripped from a Mother’s Mutilated Womb, Purification Through Bodily Dismemberment and Sexually Transmitted Coma you’re gonna get the traditional Abhorrent Deformity sounds as the progression, instrumentals and craftsmanship is a lot more dynamic this time around.

The songs provide a fantastic job keeping up the balances between the production and mixing department a massive improvement over Entity Of Malevolence. From the manifesting guitars, solid bass tones and eviscerated blast beat drum fillers to the disgusting vocal deliveries this album is nothing but mean and aggressive written all over these metalworking passages. Musically and lyrically, they’ve continued to deliver brutal death metal compositions with a destructive blow while the tracks almost bring a Pathology and Ingested style atmosphere as the songwriting brings out a appreciative gift is surely worth hearing. Slaughter Monolith by Abhorrent Deformity is upgraded, stronger, naturalized and the overall contexts of songwriting is surely worth the read if lyrical interpretations is the answer you’re looking for. A must listen for any fans of brutal death metal.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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