I took a moment with M. of Cold Body Radiation (who I must say is a mysterious character since it is impossible to find info on him) but by chance I was contacted by him after my review of A Clear Path. We discussed his beginnings, his music and his thoughts.

TMF: Please introduce yourself:

CBR: I’ve stayed anonymous untill now and that works great for me. I’m just a guy from the netherlands with a talent for sad songs.

TMF: How did you form Cold Body Radiation?

CBR: I actually formed CBR while waiting on some other music to be released. I took almost a year before that music was released so in the meantime i created CBR to keep writing music. Slowly it morphed into a seperate project.

TMF: How would you describe the style you play?

CBR: It started with black metal, mixed with more ambient music stylings. I’d say with the new album, black metal is completely gone. This is a much more a personal expression of where i’m at this moment in my life. I’m not sure what to call it. I don’t like the ‘post’ tag, nor the ‘gaze’ tag.

TMF:  What inspired you to play this style of music?

CBR: First it was the combination of the extremity of black metal combined with melody and harmony. The combination of two opposites was what fascinated me. For this last album i decided to drop the black metal vocals completely and to focus on atmosphere and songwriting. A rediscovery of my synths was also important for the last album.

TMF: Can you describe what “Blackgaze” or “Post-Black Metal” is?

CBR: Probably a mixture of shoegaze and black metal. I don’t like those terms to be honest and i would never call CBR that.

TMF: How did you pick the name “Cold Body Radiation?”

CBR: From reading a scientific article: ‘Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; it is thus a form of cold body radiation’ The term stuck with me. It can be interpreted in different ways. The first ablum’s theme was ‘light’ so it fitted perfectly.

TMF: What inspires your lyrics?

CBR: Everyday life, abstract ideas and philosophies.

TMF: What made you want to record The Great White Emptiness and now be where you are today?

CBR: The Great White Emptiness was a audial study on the nature of light. I tried to capture shades and shapes of all kind of different light. It was a abstract idea i had.

TMF: What is the theme behind A Clear Path?

CBR: There’s no theme. The title refers to the clear musical vision i had for the album. It also reflects the cover artwork. Some themes are personal growth, nature and the cutting of ties.

TMF: How would you describe the difference between Deer Twillight and A Clear Path?

CBR: Deer Twillight was a deeply cold album. The main inspiration was winter, night, snow and cold. A Clear Path has a much more ‘airy’ feel which, was intentional. I want every album to be something different.

TMF: What is your personal favorite CBR song you’ve written and why?

CBR: I can’t choose. Every track has its own special thing.

TMF: What inspires you to write new music?

CBR: The need to create and to express myself.

TMF: How do you feel about the rising trend in “Blackgaze” or “Post-Black Metal” music?

CBR: Trends will be trends, I’d rather write something timeless.

TMF: What bands are your personal favorites?

CBR: Too much!

TMF: What is your input on today’s metal music?

CBR: Probably nothing.

TMF: If you could pick any bands to tour with (even if you do not tour), who would you like to share a stage with?

CBR: I’d rather play with totally different bands. All the same bands on a bill is boring. So i would probably like to tour with none metal/gaze bands.

TMF: Where can people find your music and merchandise?

CBR: and

TMF: Any last words?

CBR: Thank you for this interview.

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