Knox Colby Of ENFORCED Talks About Their Writing Process, Musical Influences And His Dream Collaboration.

And Touring With Venom Inc., Exhumed and Acid Witch

ENFORCED released their newest highly anticipated offering titled WAR REMAINS last Friday (April 28). Its a Thrash Lovers dream, full of raw power and pure energy. We covered it a couple weeks ago here

We got a chance to send over a few questions to ENFORCED frontman Knox Colby, picking his brain about touring, the writing process, musical influences, plans for the future and more.

Metal Purgatory Media (MPM): Can you describe the writing process of your new album, War Remains?
Knox Colby (KC): The band practices every Wednesday, and writes every Thursday. Will, Zach and Alex write the songs. After they send me a rough demo recording, I start writing lyrics to them. 

MPM: How does your new album, War Remains, differ from your previous records?
KC: It’s faster, sharper and more vicious. We’re pummeling you more than ever before. Short, faster, louder

MPM: What was the studio vibe like when you were recording War Remains?
KC: Pretty laid back and calm. Not much stress. We went in knowing what we were going to record and then just did the damn thing. 

MPM: What track or tracks have the most impact for you?
KC: Ultra-Violence, Mercy Killing Fields, Aggressive Menace… I could name them all if I could

MPM: How does Enforced’s politically conscious ethos influence your music and lyrics?
KC: I don’t think it influences the music but hopefully it challenges the listener to reconsider the state of affairs we’re living in and how we ended up here. 

MPM: How did your touring through the US and Europe affect War Remains?
KC: It did not affect the writing but definitely the recording. We finished a tour with At the Gates, recorded immediately afterwards, then went back on the road with Undeath 200 Stab Wounds and Phobophilic. We recorded how we play; fast, hard, sometimes sloppy and unpolished, but it adds character and a unique quality, at least to me. 

MPM: Can you tell us about your experience working with producer Ricky Olson?
KC: We love Ricky and his laid back and personal approach to recording. He is a great listener and values your opinion over his own. He’s not gonna write the record for you, but he’s going to push you to get the best results from yourself.

MPM: What has been the most challenging aspect of being a band and touring during the pandemic?

KC: There was barely a challenge. We were waiting for Kill Grid to come out in 2020, waited most of 2021 to start playing again, and then hit the road with Exhumed late 2021. 

MPM: How do you approach your live shows, and what can fans expect from an Enforced performance?

KC: An intense ferocity that can only come from honesty. 

MPM: Can you describe your experience touring with bands like Obituary, Municipal Waste, and Exhumed?
KC: All great people, all champions. We were glad to have shared the stages with them and hope to do so again in the future. They’re part of our extended family. 

MPM: How have your musical tastes and influences changed since forming Enforced?

KC: Personally, I’m way more into ambient music. Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, William Basinski, to name a few greats. There needs to be quiet after the storm and I think that tranquility adds a balance to the chaos. 

MPM: Can you speak to the role of Richmond, Virginia in shaping Enforced’s sound?

KC: It has a great hardcore, punk and metal underground scene that breeds and births an endless tide of great bands and passionate musicians. Enforced is just one of dozens in the last few years. Richmond stays working on music, regardless of genre. 

MPM: How do you balance maintaining a polished studio sound with capturing the raw energy of your live shows?

KC: By recording quickly and roughly. The new album is very raw and a very hands-off approach. Keep it simple, keep it natural. 

MPM: What are your goals as a band moving forward?
KC: Tour more, play bigger shows

MPM: Can you discuss any upcoming projects or collaborations that Enforced has in the works?
KC: We’ll be on tour with Venom inc, Exhumed and Acid Witch in the coming months. The rest hasn’t been announced yet. 

MPM: My favorite question I ask everyone. If you could collab with any Metal musician or band who would it be and why?

KC: The Cavalera Brothers. I love they’re style and I love their approach to the genre. I’d love to pick their brains about everything. 

Cavalera Brothers would be an amazing Collab! Maybe they’ll see this and pull the trigger on something dope for the future? Be sure to catch them this year if you can and don’t sleep on their newest album. You can pickup your copy here.

By: George J Bauman


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