Septicflesh Titan

After three long years, SEPTICFLESH comes back with their Prosthetic Records debut Titan. Many bands have done the mythology theme but how many actually come from a land of strong mythological history? The native Greek band are not very specific in their mythological references but keep listeners engaged with their theatrics and symphonic sound as if a soundtrack to these ancient myths. It’s hard to not dilute the sound and feel of the music with the symphonic sound but Septicflesh has been doing what they’re best at for many years and doing it well.

Titan is a release that is kind of hard to really describe if someone was to ask, “How does this release sound or compare to previous albums?” It can’t really be compared because it sounds like within those silent three years, the band really took a step forward and tried a few new things without straying too far off path. The track “Burn” experiments with clean vocals and quick tempo changes while the song “Order of Dracul” keeps the familiar Septicflesh sound of warp speed drum work and bellowing low growls but throws in unique symphonic and theatrical sounds, not just the usual keyboards and orchestral instrumentals. It’s a real step up from 2011’s The Great Mass in terms of composition and production but once again, not saying it’s better than any previous release, just a different step forward.

Titan is a milestone in the group’s career with how much time and effort had to have been put into writing the full length. Every song is like a chapter in the story and a soundtrack to ancient myths. Every part of this album is well executed and hits home. Any fan of great, well written, and unique death metal should give this album a listen. Titan will be released on June 20 in The UK/Europe via Season of Mist and on June 24 in North America via Prosthetic Records.


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