Residing from Cantan, Ohio The Behest Of Serpents are an American melodic death metal band that’s been discussed on my social medias and after giving this album a listen, this pretty much my expectations very highly. The best part about bands like The Behest Of Serpents is not only this album is released independently by the band who done everything themselves but for a underground band being around for quite sometime is a statement on why smaller artists are simply put, better. Not only Disciples is a straightforward melodic death metal album, but you also get some influences of tech death and progressive death metal undertones ranging from The Faceless, Spawn Of Possession, Fallujah, Arkaik and many more who fall into that spectrum.

With this album, they’ve contributed themselves to create music that’s not only heavy, chaotic and destructible at the same time but often times this record demonstrated fascinating guitar melodies, stronger emphasizes on drumming, audible bass structures and vocals reminiscent of 90’s to mid 2000’s technical death metal while the members from this band did a remarkable job keeping the progression, instrumentation and lyricism very well diversified where each instrument doesn’t strife away within the mixing department being one of the best highlights upon hearing this amazing articulating structure. Just hearing songs such as Through The Inferno, Starve The Skies, Hymn Of The Revenants and The Great Old Ones has identified naturalistic signatures which is embedded to make outstanding arrangements where you can see how far they’ve taken their devotion onto extreme metal to the next level.

Production and songwriting wise, they’ve incorporated some atmospheric layers of memorable contexts which symbolizes this beautifully designed album which took many dedicated outcomes to really understand and comprehend the intelligence these young musicians has brought the extreme metal music a much rather experimented, powerfully driven and a rollercoaster so impacted, this album is an absolute enjoyment front to back. Disciples is a album about maturity, perseverance and a world filled with artificial existences that should not be slept on.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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