Debut releases come with a lot of pressure. As the first showcase of a band’s sound, a lot rides on the release being a solid example of what a band is. For the band Lacerate Thy Maker, their first release is a solid release, an EP titled “Imminent”, that shows off a lot of potential. “Malodorous” is the opening song, and begins with an ambient piano that leads into a great lead guitar. The riffs are solid, and the speed and heaviness are satisfying. “Misanthropy” might be heavier, but slows the pace down a bit. “Wicked Fixation” starts off fast, and has a really nice riff. The lead guitar on here is pretty good, but the solo is very great and definitely worth checking out.

Up next is “Vanished Flesh”. This song has a deathcore backbone, with a solid lead guitar over it. While not an amazing track, it’s definitely a solid song with some melodic death influence. “Psychopathic Engorgement” ends this EP, and is a solid ending. This song is heavy and fast pretty much throughout, excluding a soft interlude. While it is a good ending, it doesn’t really stand out from the other tracks. This is a solid EP. While this didn’t blow me away, there’s some good material here, and a new project that death metal and deathcore fans should look into.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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