CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is a band everyone should know. The guys in this band have been rocking stages since before a lot of you were born. Since they formed in 1982, the original punk influenced, heavy metal with some thrash and doom elements, “killing all who are in their path” band have put out eight full lengths and IX is (as seen in their new album title) is their ninth installment. Only two years ago, the band released their much acclaimed self-titled album after over five years of silence. IX just shows further to their strong fan base that they’re forever evolving and a strong formidable force.

IX is a great example of a crossover album, much like many of their previous works. The musicianship on this release is as solid as all other releases which is expected from such a great band. The tracks go from having the old punk sound that crosses over into sludge and heavy metal which perfectly blends together. The album, specifically tracks like “Elphyn” and “The Nectar,” have a strong Southern metal sound which feature an almost bluesy, heavy metal sound with punk beats and riffs thrown in which stays true to the band’s 80’s punk origins while keeping up with their modern metal sound. Not one single track sounds the same nor makes you think, “is this all one song?” as many bands nowadays have that problem.

IX is a powerful step forward in the band’s career as well as a huge step forward in metal music in general. With strong riffs, fast upbeat patterns that can still hold true the presentable doom influence as well as that signature heavy metal sound, Corrosion of Conformity come at the world like a wrecking ball to the head. No one can outdo COC’s sound or replace them and there will always be an anxious anticipation for their music from metal fans all over the world. IX is everything that the metal scene needs and wants and can easily be one of the best albums of 2014.




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