SINGULARITY – Place Of Chains

The Artisan Era is absolutely killing it this year and has been on fire with amazing releases from Equipoise, Inanimate Existence, Warforged, and now with the debut full-length from Arizona’s technical death/black metal band Singularity with Place Of Chains. If you were to take Obscura, Spawn Of Possession, Enfold Darkness, Vale Of Pnath, and Revocation but with a much more symphonic, technical and progressive driven style of death metal this is what Singularity is in one descriptive nutshell. Musically, these guys have taken atmospheric passages of heavy emphasis on majestic, magical and a futuristic bent to their sound which preferably speaking it worked perfectly.

Songs such as Serpents, Eternal, Victory Or Death, Dead Receptors and Consume And Assume demonstrates the listener to take many images of constant rising feelings to embrace, construct and think deeply into their slick production where it truly shines throughout the whole layered complexities on this beautiful establishment. Delivering dynamic shifts of organic instrumentation, technicality and portray a shining effect-driven Progressive songwriting, the members from Singularity have done such a incredible job balancing out different portions, layers and compositions to make each track dynamic, different and sounding original without any flaws being repetitive.

From the hypersensitive tremolo composition and take closer hypnotizing vibes where the listener can really understand their messages behind these songs are absolutely interesting and flawless to the everlasting emotions within the variations of the tracks, Place Of Chains also incorporated symphonic black and technical black metal signatures which doesn’t always happens often for a band like Singularity pulled but the stylistic ingredients and arrangements are easily arranged and placed to absolute perfection where the album’s context and lyrical themes about space, civilization, and science fiction really set the bar sky high from these musicians.

Perhaps the biggest and most memorable highlight upon hearing this record is they’ve added more variations, complexities, instrumentals, dynamics, contrary instrumentations, stylistic and traditional death metal passages really seemed to become a highly ambitious and challenged resonating albums that driven into uplifting melodies and atmospheric ambiance introductions. Songs are unadulterated, atmospheric and extremely impulsive where you really have to understand the messages and conception beyond this magnificent piece of music. Place Of Chains is one of the best debut full-lengths I’ve heard of 2019 and if you’re fans of technical death metal with symphonic black and progressive structures, Singularity’s Place Of Chains is a beautiful continuation showcasing the band’s most matured and astonishing pieces of music the band has done to date.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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